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Whale Shark Season November to End January

From November to January Djibouti is one of the easiest places in the world to see whale sharks! These gentle giants come to feed on the high concentrations of plankton around Ras Eiro and Arta beach and you can swim and snorkel with them!


Whale sharks are, put simply, a shark the size of a whale and the biggest fish in the world! In Djibouti we can see whale sharks up to 8m (26ft) long with a mouth 1m (3ft) wide!


But never fear, despite their size whale sharks feed on the tiniest things in the sea, and their amiable and playful nature makes swimming and snorkeling with them an unforgettable experience.

Read our guidelines about interacting with Whalesharks HERE.


Due to the fact that whale sharks feed at the surface they are easy to see, even without getting wet! Whale shark encounters in the water normally take place in the first 5m (16ft) of water, so a snorkel and mask are all you need to enjoy this fantastic experience.