Excursions in Djibouti

Dolphin Excursions has been leading adventures in Djibouti since 1999. 

Djibouti is a country full of beauty and wonder. Right in the cradle of humanity.

There is so much to explore on land and sea.

Lac Abbe, Djibouti - Off the beaten track adventure in East Africa - Best places to visit in Africa.

Lac Abbe, Djibouti - Off the beaten track adventure in East Africa - Best places to visit in Africa.

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Lac Assal

Day Trip

A spell binding crater lake in Djibouti.   It is located at the western end of Gulf of Tadjourah. It sits  155 meters below sea level , it is the lowest point on land in Africa.  Lac Assal is the second saltiest body of water on earth  even saltier than the Dead Sea! 

Depart from Djibouti at 0830 am.

Visit of Lake Assal.

Lunch at at ”La Faille” camp.

Visit of the volcano area.

Return to Djibouti in the afternoon.


All along the journey you will have the possibility to observe Djibouti’s wild animals such as antelopes, monkeys, jackals, rock hyrax, various birds etc.

Lac Abbe

Overnight Trip

  Day 1    

Depart from Djibouti.

Sunset at Lake Abbe and the chimneys.

Camping and dinner at “As Bolé” camp.


Day 2

Sunrise at the chimneys. Flamingo spotting on the lake. Geological discovery of the site.

Visit of the Grand Bara desert and Rock carvings at Abourma.

Return to Djibouti in the afternoon.


1 PAX    USD $855

     2 PAX    USD $490     

 3 PAX    USD $ 370

4 PAX    USD $310

English speaking guide – additional USD 55.00 per day / vehicle

You can combine both Lac Abbe and Lac Assal for a magnificent two day trip. 

Private snorkeling trips

Fancy A day out on the water away from the city and crowds of people?  


Dolphin Excursions would love for you to join us on a private snorkel trip out to Maskali & Moucha Island or destination of your choice.  


This is a full day excursion so treat yourself to a sleepy little beach with rustic cottages for shade and relax away from the grind of Djibouti City.

Depart from Djibouti at 0800 am.

Visit Sheraton Beach, snorkel to your hearts content via skiff &

explore the mangrove forest by foot.

Sandwich lunch / fruits and cookies and snorkel gear provided.


$80 USD per person 

Minimum of 4 Passengers      

Other Options

Dolphin Excursions is the premier dive and excursion agency in Djibouti.  With over 20 years in business let us set you up with one of our many customizable tours.



Just send us a note about any of the following options or anything you can dream up and we will set you on your path to adventure here in Djibouti.



Decan nature Preserve

Sunset cruises

Foret Du Day National Park

Trips to Tadjourah

Camping at Sept Freres

Filming permits and assistance

Anything else you can dream up!