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Dolphin Excursions

Rejoignez nos aventures!!

Créé en 1999 Dolphin Excursions est l'une des plus anciennes agences touristique de Djibouti et est aussi le seul centre agréé PADI.

Djibouti est un pays aux milles et une beautés et merveilles. Ici dans le berceau de l'humanité, il y a tant à explorer! Parmis nos préférés le Lac Abbe / Assal, les Sept Frères et la baie du Ghoubbet.​

Laissez-nous vous guider dans vos nouvelles aventure: rencontres avec les requins baleines, snorkeling (PMT), plongée sous marine, pêche sportive, croisières ou excursions personalisées. 

Discover Djibouti - An amazing adventure underwater and on land !

Discover Djibouti - An amazing adventure underwater and on land !

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Diving & Snorkeling trips
(outside Whale Shark season)


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Full Day trips - each Friday (0800-1700)

On Fridays we are organizing a full day

diving & snorkeling trips to explore the sites (coral reefs, wrecks and pristine beaches) around the gulf of Aden or Tadjourah.

Come and enjoy a day outside the rush of Djibouti city with cooked lunch onboard.

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Half day trips - skiff


During a week we can organize for you a half day trip with a skiff for a minimum of 3 up to 6 persons. 

You can explore reefs (for divers some wrecks too) around Maskali Island. There will be also enough time to relax on a beach before coming back to Djibouti.

Deli Shark Island.jpg

Overnight / 3-day cruise

If you want to escape for more days from Djibouti city, then an Overnight or 3-day cruise could be the perfect match for you!

This is an awesome way to travel around the various sites of the Gulf of Aden / Tadjourah (Ghoubet bay,Sable Blanc,Ras Korali) and see its beauty. Those trips are great for divers and snorkelers too.

And YES, you can visit the famous "CRACK" (tectonic plates) too.   

Whale Shark Season
November - January)

Whaleshark Day Trip by Skiff.jpg

Full Day trips - each Friday (0730-1715)

One of the highlights and the reason why a lots of people are visiting Djibouti!

Each Friday we are going to Arta beach area to search for Whale Sharks to swim & snorkel with them. Divers can do 1 dive on a reef close by where Whale Sharks are passing by, so if you are lucky, you can spot them underwater.